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Limousin grovers and race

Limousin race originates to France Limoges province where muscular limousin has been used as a pull ox. In France it has long history until 16th century. The first limousin bovines were imported to Finland 30 years ago and after that the growing has become more common. The race is characterized by its´ slender bones, muscularity and gold-brown colour.



Puhakkala Organic farm




Puhakkala is maintained by the host couple Joel and Suvi. Our organic farm is located in Juva, Koikkala next to the lake Hietajärvi. We are growing Limousin suckler cows and young cattle. Overall we have about 80 limousins.


Joel Puhakainen
Puhakkalan Limousin
+358 400  643 909/Joel
+358 50 4802462/Suvi


Harjun Luomu Oy




Harjun Luomu Oy organic farm is owned by two farmer families in Haukivuori. The farm is located in Saksalanharju which gives the name to the farm. Jukka Kohvakka is responsible for the field crops and bovines are on Kalle Mattila´s responsibility. Overall there are about 100 limousin suckler cows, bulls and heifers in the farm.


Kalle Mattila
Harjun Luomu Oy
+358 50 526 2591


Vertin Hereford



Nowadays Vertti organic farm is maintained by the host couple Heikki and Olka Mustalampi. Vertti is Heikki´s family farm and located in Haukivuori. Hereford suckler cows are growing in the farm.


Heikki Mustalampi
Vertin Hereford
+358 45 630 8024