High-class Organic Beef – From Best conditions – To Best Delicacies


Beeffi Oy is company established by three cattle growers from Southern Savonia. We are selling the organic Limousin beef which is organically grown by ourselves.


We are growing our cattle with special care in unpolluted and clean nature at our organic farms Puhakkala in Juva and Harjun Luomu in Haukivuori. Our values are the wellbeing of animals and environment, production visibility and high product quality. We also value organic values and reliability in our actions.


Organic animal and plant growing are under organic control in our farms. We grow our cattle as naturally as possible. This means that cattle have a lot of space for living and possibility to natural herd behavior. We are paying attention to wellbeing in cattle nursing and therefore the cattle has used to handling, touching and human presence.


During wintertime the cattle is living in loose housing with outdoor garden. When possible the cattle is grazing in the field also during winter. In summertime starting from May until October, the cattle is grazing in the fields. The calves are born from spring until fall and they are growing with their mothers. When the calves are six months old, they are weaned from their mothers.


In cattle feeding we are mainly using grown-by-self roughage including clovers. This feed will ensure the wide range of foods for the cattle. Also oats, barley, pea and broad bean are used in feeding. Organic label is the guarantee that we are not using cattle food including GMO-products and food doesn´t include pesticides.


The limousin beef we produce has the organic label. You will distinguish limousin beef from other meats by its´ light colour, full-bodied taste, low fat content, fine grain structure and tenderness. Organic Limousin beef includes beneficial omega3 fatty acids and its´ cholesterol content is low. Our products are GMO free, 100% Finnish and additive-free.


Our products are sold directly from our organic farms Puhakkala and Harjun Luomu. We warmly welcome you to visit to our farms. Please give us a call beforehand. Our products can be ordered beforehand by contacting us directly. We will be happy to serve you also in English.


With best regards,

Joel Puhakainen, Puhakkala Organic farm

p. +358 400 643909



Suvi Leinonen, Puhakkala Organic farm

p. +358 50 4802462